[Guide] How to mint a Red Panda 🐼

Launch date: 24th September 7PM UTC — Mint Price 2.5 SOL

1. Download a Solana wallet

  • We recommend using a desktop wallet, such as Phantom: https://phantom.app/
  • Phantom supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Brave
  • Once you have added it to your browser, you can create a new wallet (make sure to securely save your seed phrase!)

2. Deposit SOL to your wallet

  • Purchase SOL on an exchange such as FTX, Binance, Coinbase or Kucoin. Full list: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/solana/markets/
  • Open your Phantom wallet, click ‘Receive’
  • Click ‘Send from wallet or exchange’ to get your wallet address
  • Withdraw SOL tokens from your exchange to this address (make sure you have SOL network selected!)
  • After a few minutes, you will have received your SOL.

3. Adopt a Red Panda

  • Open our minting website (link will be found on the landing page and shared across all of our social medias)
  • Connect your wallet (top-right) and approve the connection
  • Once the countdown hits 0, you will be able to click the ‘Mint’ button.
  • Approve the transaction and your newly adopted red panda should appear in your wallet within a few minutes!

Red Panda Pre-sale and Whitelist

For exclusive members of the RPS, we will be holding a private sale to secure a place in minting an NFT. We are giving out whitelist spots to those who participate in our community events on Discord, as well as to those who help out the project in various ways (content creation, moderation, etc.) Feel free to contact us if you want to help out!

As we await the launch, make sure to catch us on all of our channels:

🌐 Website: redpandasquad.com

🕊️ Twitter: twitter.com/red_panda_squad

💬 Discord: discord.gg/redpandasquad

📷 Instagram: instagram.com/redpandasquad_

We are the Red Panda Squad. 10.000 algorithmically - outstanding - cute Red Pandas living on the Solana blockchain. discord.gg/redpandasquad Launch 19th Sep