Introducing the Red Panda Squad!

The Red Panda Story

A Rigorous Technical Foundation

Building Our Future

Red Pandas in the Metaverse

General Roadmap

  • Social media campaigns (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Telegram)
  • Features on secondary marketplaces
  • Partnerships with Solana projects and protocols
  • $100,000 donation to wildlife organisations
  • rarity integration
  • RPS DAO and private website beta
  • Merch release (including, but not limited to hoodies, facemasks, shirts, tank-tops, caps, mugs)
  • Creation of Red Panda Squad street-art across large cities
  • Giveaways to top community members in the Red Panda DAO
  • Celebrity & Influencer on-boarding
  • RPS mini-game prototypes
  • Full deployment of the Red Panda DAO
  • Release of the Red Panda Squad RPG beta into the metaverse

Launch Date?



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