Introducing the Red Panda Squad!

Who are we, you may ask?
We are the Red Panda Squad, the cutest and fluffiest creatures landing soon on Solana. Hand-drawn by our very talented and accomplished artist JK.

We have generated 10,000 red panda variations, from stressed business pandas to ultra-rare dark hooded pals. The art is supported by a thorough technical foundation, built-up by our in-house engineer with over 15 years of experience in software and web development.

The Red Panda Story

A Rigorous Technical Foundation

Building Our Future

In order for the space to continue its growth and raise awareness, RPS aims to establish long term partnerships with many of these protocols, creating a mutual layer of support. We are in talks with several projects — stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

Once the Red Panda NFTs have been minted, the first era of the Red Panda DAO will be initiated. It’s objective: become a key pillar in the Solana community, where Red Panda holders will hold shared governance rights in goals such as project incubation, mutual investment and overall project development. In parallel, we initiate the integration of the RPS in the Solana metaverse, covered in the next section.

Red Pandas in the Metaverse

The Red Panda DAO will have a critical role in the development of the game. Decisions on the mechanics of the game as well as business aspects will be voted on by the members of the RPS DAO.

General Roadmap

  • Social media campaigns (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Telegram)
  • Features on secondary marketplaces
  • Partnerships with Solana projects and protocols

Stage 1:

  • $100,000 donation to wildlife organisations
  • rarity integration
  • RPS DAO and private website beta
  • Merch release (including, but not limited to hoodies, facemasks, shirts, tank-tops, caps, mugs)

Stage 2:

  • Creation of Red Panda Squad street-art across large cities
  • Giveaways to top community members in the Red Panda DAO
  • Celebrity & Influencer on-boarding
  • RPS mini-game prototypes

Stage 3:

  • Full deployment of the Red Panda DAO
  • Release of the Red Panda Squad RPG beta into the metaverse

Launch Date?

Follow our blog to further explore the lore of our Red Pandas.

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We are the Red Panda Squad. 10.000 algorithmically - outstanding - cute Red Pandas living on the Solana blockchain. Launch 19th Sep